Spotlight on Bondolio October 26 2015

The Bond Family has crafted a wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil from their love of the oils found on trips to Sicily. Nocellara, Biancollila and Cerasuola are varieties not typically found in California but, it is a gorgeous blend that produces an elegant, balanced Olive Oil.

I had the pleasure of touring their beautiful farm in Winters California while attending the Master Milling Course at the University of California. Their love of Italy and its glorious food traditions are everywhere!




The trees at Bondolio are grown in the spacing patterns of the old, traditional Southern Italian layout. Trees have more than 20 feet of separation between them. They are precision pruned, with a focus on the center to open each tree to full sun and air circulation. Maximum sun and fresh air circulation allows the trees to flourish, as well as helps to reduce pests that can damage the fruit.

This oil has a beautiful balanced, medium intensity taste.

Aromas of green fruit, green grass, exotic fruits, citrus, apple, banana and notes of herbs, flower, tomato. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, green leaves, sweetness, bitterness, medium pungency and notes of almond, walnut, artichoke, radish, black pepper, grass, with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence.”


Winner of many awards!

The mill contributes to the highest quality of olive oil produced. The owners come from the Medical Industry and know that if your mill is clean, your olive oil has a better chance of not getting bacteria. The equipment and cleanliness of the mill area proves the highest standard of excellence that you would expect. Pieralisi has produced custom equipment to their exact specifications in order to meet their high standards. The mill has the newest technology that is available in the olive mill industry. Bondolio has the first and currently, only multi-phase decanter in the United States, which allows them to have zero waste products. There is no other mill in the United States that is as environment friendly as theirs currently is.

A true dedication to crafting a glorious oil!



Spotlight on...Pruneti February 03 2015

Azienda Agricola Pruneti is located in San Polo, in the heart of Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy. The Pruneti family farms olives, Iris flowers (for the finest perfumeries in France), grapes for wine and saffron.
Gionni and Paolo Pruneti are now the fourth generation of Pruneti continuing this tradition in the family.
Their philosophy is simple, to preserve the heritage their family has built before them, while progressing with the latest and best resources available. Their aim is to create the highest quality of their products, while always respecting nature.
The family manages each phase of growing, harvesting, milling and bottling to ensure the highest levels of quality throughout. They have created several award winning product lines to meet the needs of the home cook as well as the most talented chef to create and enhancethe .
Pruneti creates many monocultivar extra virgin olive oils, their Grand Cru oil, as well as their various traditional blends.
Their oils speak of the Chianti region through their aromas and flavours.
They have over 80 hectares of land on the hillside around San Polo. Where they grow some of the most well-known olives of the area: Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio along with some Pendolino, Maurino, Coreggiolo, Leccio del Corno and Leccione.
Olives are harvested in a 60 day period each year at various stages of maturation and are milled within 4 hours. They are bottled as they are ordered to protect and extend their freshness. 
A consistent winner of various competitions worldwide Pruneti is always a wise choice for your kitchen.
  • Pruneti Frantoio is a 100% Monocultivar made from Frantoio olives which are typically grown in the region of Tuscany.
  • This oil has a rich golden colour.
  • The aroma is of green vegetables like artichokes, fresh cut grass and asparagus.
  • The taste is robust and complex with herbal notes like sage, rosemary and black pepper. It has noticeable levels of bitterness and a strong pungent finish which represents the high levels in polyphenols which are natural anti-oxidants found in good olive oils...don't be afraid if an oil makes you cough after tasting a spoonful.
  • 500 ml bottle

  • Pruneti Toscano Organic is a blend of Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio varieties which are hand picked and pressed immediately after harvest in their own mil.
  • The oil is a Medium/light fruity oil with a Green colour with hints of gold.
  • The aroma is of fresh green olives and vegetables like lettuce, basil, and fennel.
  • Taste is of fresh olive and fennel with a lingering spicy finish. 
  • The oil goes well with vegetable soups, legumes and grilled fish or chicken.
  • 500 ml bottle


Spotlight on...Frantoio Di Riva Del Garda January 12 2015

The Frantoio Riva Del Garda (or The Riva Del Garda Press) is one part of the much larger Riva Del Garda Agraria (or Farmer's Cooperative) which dates back since 1882. The Agraria produces local gastronomic delights like: wine, olive oils, salumi, cheeses, preserved fruits, jams, honey and vegetable preserves. They also provide training and teaching for the area.

Ancient Romans brought the first olive trees to the Upper Lake Garda Region over 2000 years ago. This area is one of the most northern regions producing olive oil in Italy.

The Mountain ranges to the North protect the area from cold and the moderating effect of the lake produces a microclimate that is an almost Mediterranean climate in the Alps.

The main olives grown in this area are Casaliva and Frantoio but, there is also some Leccino, Pendolino, Raza, Trapp and Favarol varieties grown as well.

The Frantoio Riva Del Garda was one of the first producers in the area with a DOP (or Designation of Origin) with Garda Trentino Certification and in 2008 they were certified organic.

The olives are handpicked and pressed in the ultra modern processing facilities to produce some fantastic award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

46 Parallelo Blue - is named because the farm is located precisely at the 46th parallel. The oil is a medium intense, fruity, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The aromas are of artichokes, fresh green grass, unripe almonds, pine nuts and green apples. The taste is harmonic with a slight bitter start and a distinct pungency to finish, which is a good indicator of an oil with high polyphenol levels,  the olive's natural anti-oxidants.

Perfect with hearty dishes like lentils, beans, meat courses like carpaccio, grilled vegetables, pasta with meat or peppery greens like arugula.


Uliva - is their latest "baby" and is also mainly produced from Casaliva olives, but this oil was created for the gourmet consumer. This oil is made from a small production of olives that are picked early in the season to produce a fresh, crisp, grassy taste that is already winning awards.

This is a medium-light intense oil with the aromas of fresh artichokes, thistle, lettuce and some mint and rosemary. The taste is of green vegetables, black pepper and fresh green almonds. There is a pleasant level of bitterness and a nice smooth level of pungency to finish.

Perfect with grilled tuna or swordfish, porcini mushrooms, grilled meats and meat sauce.

Don't you want to try some?

How is great Extra Virgin Olive Oil Made? January 05 2015



Spotlight on...Domenica Fiore December 19 2014

Domenica Fiore is the partnership of two Italians, one from Canada and one from Italy. Both obsessed with creating the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil possible.



In 2010 Frank Giustra a successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, fell in love with a property located in the hills of Umbria, overlooking Orvieto, Italy.  He purchased the land with it’s olive groves and committed to restoring the trees to their full glory. The estate was lovingly named after his Mother for her dedication to family and home.



Frank partnered with Cesare Bianchini because of his love and extensive knowledge of the area and olives. Cesare overseas the farming and olive oil production.



The farm and groves are nestled between the Apennine Mountains and the Paglia River 100 miles from the sea. The rich soil is embedded with seashells from millions of years ago which help to create and nourish the trees and fruit. The orchard has traditional olive varieties of Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Canino which grow at an altitude of between 320 – 480 metres above sea level. This high altitude allows the farm to grow olives organically as they are not plagued with the olive fly at this level. The 10,000 trees grow on the sunny slopes of the Orvieto Valley.



Olives are hand picked starting in early October, when they are perfect for creating an olive oil that is high in polyphenols, which are natural anti-oxidants. Picking early is great for producing great oil however, it also creates smaller yields than if you wait to pick when more ripe. Fiore creates an artisan oil that is crafted to produce the very best quality rather than focusing on yield.

They crush within hours of harvesting in their own mill paying attention to the minute details that create the best oils.

Domenica Fiore Extra Virgin Olive Oils are DOP Umbria Colli Orvietani which means they are Certified Designation of Origin. (or Denominazione di Origine Protetta in Italian) this stamp ensures that the oil you receive in the bottle is made from olives grown solely in the region designated.  Fiore goes one step further by clearly labeling when your bottle of oil was harvested,milled and bottled in their 18/10 stainless steel bottles to preserve freshness, they are traceable from tree to bottle.


The Oils


Olio Reseva

Reserva is an organic blend of Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio oils that is hand harvested and crushed within hours and certified DOP.Nitrogen sealed and bottled in stainless steel to maintain freshness.

The oil is golden green, robust and full bodied

  • The aroma is fine and delicate with hints of fresh cut grass, artichoke and herbs like mint and rosemary.
  • Reserva is a robust and intense, full bodied extra virgin olive oil with bitterness and pungency in balance at the finish.
  • This oil is bold and peppery and perfect with hearty dishes like roasted meats, toasted bread  or with tomato bruschetta,  hearty pasta dishes, marinated salmon, barley soups poultry or goat cheese.

Olio Novello

This is the first (or NEW!) oil of the first harvest each year. These oils are green and bottled immediately, unfiltered. This oil is bright green, with spicy notes of green grass and the taste of fresh olives.

This oil is great drizzled over roasted meats and fish, hearty soups and on fresh salads.



Spotlight on...Mandranova Extra Virgin Olive Oils December 12 2014

Mandranova Olive Oils are produced at the *Azienda Agricola Mandranova by Giuseppe and Sylvia Di Vincenzo. Each of their four award winning oils are monocultivar or produced using a single variety of olive. They are harvested early to capture the highest levels of polyphenols and milled within hours in their immaculate facilities on the Estate.

The Mandranova  farm and Resort is 420 acres of hillside, located on the Western coast of Sicily, 22 km southeast of Agrigento and 2 km beyond Palma di Montechiaro. 




The olives grow just a few miles from the sea, under the sun of Sicily with groves that contain a  combination of ancient and young olive trees. The cultivars grown here are Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla , Girraffa and Cerasuola olives.





Silvia and Giuseppe Di Vincenzo have created a working farm and an inviting resort. In this bit of paradise tucked away in the hills you can experience a slice of Sicily.  Set among a garden of palm trees there is a 19th century rustic farmhouse and restored railway station which create a beautiful blend of tradition and modern. Guests can enjoy peace and relaxing solitude in their 8 bedrooms and 4 suites or take a cooking class where you will learn to use the beautiful oils and preserves the farm produces. Each evening you can dine on Silvia’s delicious creations, breaking bread in a social environment, mingling with the other guests at the large wooden tables.  The groves are Giuseppe’s playground where he will proudly show you the olives following a line of palm trees along the old railway track.


The Mandranova Extra Virgin Olive Oils:


Mandranova has won many awards from numerous olive oil competitions worldwide.


I have to say I really love the Mandranova oils and I have literally used cases and cases over the last few years in my own kitchen!


Mandranova Girraffa

  • Made from 100% Girraffa olives
  • Pale green in colour
  • Mild intensity
  • Fruity with a slight spicy end note
  • Great on raw fish, white meat like poultry, goat cheese or in desserts. 


Mandranova Cerasuola

  • Made from 100% Cerasuola olives
  • Golden yellow with green colour
  • Medium intensity
  • Fruity with the scents of olive, almond and marjoram and artichokes. The taste is balanced with some pleasant bitterness and a slight peppery aftertaste.
  • Great on farro or grain salads, pasta dishes with vegetables, bean or legume salads, soups, red meat and aged cheeses.


    Mandranova Biancolilla

    • Made from 100% Biancolilla olives
    • Pale green in colour
    • Medium intensity
    • Medium fruity with the smell of fresh cut grass
    • Great on raw seafood, steamed fish, delicate soups or sauces, fresh cheeses or in desserts.


      Mandranova Nocellara

      • Made from 100% Nocellara del Belice olives
      • Beautiful bright green colour with golden hues
      • Medium-Robust intensity
      • A glorious fruity oil with the perfect balance of bitterness and pungency, which are indications of high levels of anti-oxidant polyphenols.
      • The taste is complex with hints of medium ripe tomatoes, artichokes and basil.
      • Great on typical Mediterranean dishes like grilled eggplant or peppers, raw tuna, vegetables au gratin, pasta dishes with tomatoes, hearty soups, mushrooms, fish stew, grilled/roasted meats and of course toasted bread rubbed with garlic!

      Here are some links to recipes we have enjoyed with Mandranova Oils on our cooking blog


      *Azienda Agricola designates a business as Agricultural Farm Business in Italian.


      Spotlight on...Cetrone Extra Virgin Olive Oils December 08 2014



      Cetrone Extra Virgin Olive Oils are produced by the*Azienda Agricola Cetrone.

      The Cetrone Farm is located near Sonnino in the province of Latina amid the Lepine Mountains. The farm in the Lazio Region of Italy is 500 metres above sea level where they grow 20,000 ancient olive  trees  mixed in with almond trees, on over 100 acres of land. The olive trees are the monocultivar Itrana and have lovingly been cared for by the previous generations of the Cetrone family who have farmed here since 1860.

      Today they are entrusted to Alfredo Cetrone who masterfully creates beautiful, elegant extra virgin olive oils. The sea air, the stony soil, the altitude of the location and the careful handling and artful milling which happens within hours of harvesting creates the quality of all Cetrone`s olive oils and makes Alfredo the King of Itrana!


      Cetrone is the winner of numerous awards, for all of their oils, in competitions worldwide for quality and taste.



      Two of Cetrone`s offerings are the Delicato and the Intenso Extra Virgin oils.





      The Cetrone – Delicato

      • This is a light-medium oil.
      • 100% monocultivar Itrana olives.
      • The colour is light green.
      • The aroma is fresh olive with gentle herbal notes .
      • There is a certain level of pleasant intensity but it is less intense than the INTENSO with fruity hints of medium ripe tomatoes, almonds, unripe banana along with fragrant notes of aromatics herbs, such sage and mint.
      • The taste is a pleasant fruity balanced blend of both bitterness and peppery pungency. This oil  always has low acidity levels and is high in polyphenols which are natural antioxidants found in exceptional olive oils. Don`t be afraid of the pungency levels in great oils, if it makes you cough it means it is great quality with high polyphenol levels!
      • An elegant and well - structured oil.


      • Excellent in salads, delicate creamed soups, grilled or raw fish, grilled, steamed or raw vegetables, soft cheeses, and vanilla ice cream.


      The Cetrone – Intenso

      • This is an Intense - fruity oil.
      • 100% monocultivar Itrana olives.
      • The colour is green with warm golden hues.
      • The aroma is intense with fruity hints of medium ripe tomato, white apple and lots of herbal notes.
      • The taste is intense and well-defined with rich fruity tastes of artichoke, cardoons (aka an artichoke thistle) tomato, celery, sage and mint. It is strong, with a very pleasant combination of bitterness and a peppery pungency to finish. Again, the pungency finish notes the high levels of polyphenols which are a natural antioxidant.


      • Excellent on all salads, raw or cooked artichokes, grilled vegetables, beef carpaccio, grilled tuna or swordfish and good with ceviche, grilled meats, hearty vegetable soups or soft cheeses like fresh burrata.


      *Azienda Agricola means Agriculture Farm Business in Italian.

      Spotlight on...Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil November 23 2014

      Titone (TEE- Ton-ay) is a beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by the Azienda Agricola Titone (which means Agricultural Farm Business in Italian) The oil is a D.O.P (Denominazione Origine Protetta) which means it is a Designation of Origin similar to a D.O.C in wines and certifies the oil in this bottle come from the Valli Trapanesi region of Sicily. This oil is also certified Biologico or "organic" in English.
      The Titone Farm is located 15 metres above sea level between Trapani and Marsala on the Western side of Sicily. They have 19 hectares of land where they grow 5000 Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola olives, which are typical varietals from this area.
      Founded by Nicolo Titone in 1936 one of four pharmacists in the family. The farm is currently run by the Father-Daughter team of Nicolo and Antonella Titone, who is also chemist.
      The oil is produced from a scientific approach and the farm is pristine and well run. The olives are handpicked with care to protect fruit as well as the tree for future harvests. The fruit is crushed within a few hours after picking and milled in their on site, high-tech, continuous mill. The family is extremely passionate about producing the best oil they can in the safest, cleanest way possible. One of the leaders in the area to focus on organic farming.
      It is a winner of many awards like these most recently:
      2014: Titone has been granted the EXTRAGOLD award at Biol2014.
      Flos Olei 2014. Ercole Olivario, 2nd Place Medium Fruity.
      NYIOOC: Silver, Medium.
      I love to use this oil in my kitchen!
      The oil is a Medium intense oil. The colour is deep golden yellow colour with green hi-lights. 
    • The aroma is of fresh green olives, fresh grass and aromatic herbs.
    • The flavour is of artichokes, thistle, unripe tomato and herbs like mint and sage. This is a complex, elegant oil that is perfectly harmonious and balanced with pleasant levels of bitterness and peppery pungency to finsh. The bitterness and pungency levels are an indication of high levels of polyphenols a natural anti-oxidant in good olive oils.  
    • This oil compliments most grilled vegetables, a drizzle to finish vegetable or cream soups, great on grilled meats or hearty fish like tuna,  porcini mushrooms, spinach salads, bean soups, pasta with sausages and barbequed lamb.

      Here are some of our recipes from using Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      Don't forget one of the best ways to enjoy this oil is to toast some crusty bread, rub a clove of garlic across the bread, drizzle some Titone and finish with a tiny sprinkle of sea salt!! HEAVEN.

      Buy your bottle of Titone today we have ready for you!



      Gift Idea - Olive Oil Body Scrub November 21 2014

      Make a beautiful gift for someone you love!
      As the weather gets colder and we turn on the heat our skin tends to get dry. This scrub is a natural body polisher that can exfoliate that dry skin and the olive oil leaves your skin smooth and glorious.
      These are simple gifts but when you make them with beautiful ingredients they really show how much care about the person you are sharing them with. Takes a few seconds and the combinations are endless. I have made a Lavender and Lemon Poppy seed scrub or polisher. You can use white sugar (which shows off the beautiful colour of the oil) or a brown sugar or even salt. I prefer the finer berry sugar or brown sugar because it is more gentle on the skin.
      I also use good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil here because I figure the skin is the largest organ in the body and I buy good quality skin care for my face why wouldn't I use good quality ingredients for the rest of my body.

      For each jar you will need:
      Lavender Olive Oil Sugar Scrub
      • 1 cup sugar
      • 1/2 cup Olive Oil - I used Mandranova Giraffa
      • 1 tbsp. lavender buds - I use food grade/culinary lavender
      • 3-6 drops of lavender essential oil (depending on how strong you like it to smell)
      • 1 small pretty jar

      Lemon Poppy Seed Olive Oil Scrub

      • 1 cup sugar
      • 1/2 cup Olive Oil - I used Mandranova Giraffa
      • 1 tbsp. lemon zest
      • 1 tsp. poppy seeds
      • 1 small pretty jar



      Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Add to jar. Place a pretty ribbon and label on the jar and you are done!

      The essential oils can be purchased from any good heath food store.


      You can create the combinations you like.




      Start the same way for the next jar. Mix everything together and fill a pretty jar. I buy these jars at a local Dollar store.


      Lemon Poppy Seed


      It smells and feels glorious.

      You can take a handful just before getting into a tub or shower and gently scrub over wet skin for a few seconds to get rid of those dry legs and you can certainly spend a bit more time on rough heels. Rinse off and the beautiful olive oil soaks in an nourishes your skin with all those great anti-oxidants. Be careful in the tub or shower because the oil can make things slippery.

       When my hands are dry at any time I wet my hands, add about 1 tsp. of olive oil, rub in and dry with a paper towel. Perfect moisturizer. I actually cannot stand hand moisturizer, because I am a cook and don't want any scent or ingredients in my food but, I have no problem with using olive oil.


      PS. If you ever spill a bit of oil never wipe it up I use for my hands!! I wouldn't think of wasting a drop!

      Hello and Welcome! November 11 2014


      I am so thrilled you stopped by to take a first glance at my new store!!

      I am excited to share these beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oils with you because these are all oils I use in my own kitchen and I would only sell what I would feed my own family. The very best.

      The collection of oils will change from time to time to reflect new discoveries and the freshest products available. I have started with a few oils from Italy and Spain but, hope to have some excellent offerings from California and other regions soon!

      This will be a blog to hi-light and feature the stories behind the oils. I will share the details about the people who grow and mill the oils, showcase the beautiful locations and find interesting things to tell you about the wonders of Olive Oil.

      I have a cooking blog - which contains over 500 recipes and many hi-light the specific oils used in each.

      I am a certified Olive Oil Taster from ONAOO in Imperia, Italy and have recently attended the Certified Master Milling Course at the University of California at Davis and I continue to research and read as many books as I can get my hands on. I have even read an Olive Oil Encyclopedia from the IOC in Spain...crazy I know!

      The point is I want to learn constantly to improve my understanding of this magnificent product and bring you the very best products I can get my hands on.


      Join me as we learn to create some fabulous food with fantastic Extra Virgin Olive Oils!!


      As a special gift to you my first customers I will include a package of Salt Spring Sea Salt flavoured with Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic (a $10 value). This is a beautiful, artisanal crafted Sea Salt made in the Gulf Islands just off Vancouver, BC and a perfect compliment to trying your new bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


      Thank you!