Spotlight on...Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil November 23 2014

Titone (TEE- Ton-ay) is a beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by the Azienda Agricola Titone (which means Agricultural Farm Business in Italian) The oil is a D.O.P (Denominazione Origine Protetta) which means it is a Designation of Origin similar to a D.O.C in wines and certifies the oil in this bottle come from the Valli Trapanesi region of Sicily. This oil is also certified Biologico or "organic" in English.
The Titone Farm is located 15 metres above sea level between Trapani and Marsala on the Western side of Sicily. They have 19 hectares of land where they grow 5000 Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola olives, which are typical varietals from this area.
Founded by Nicolo Titone in 1936 one of four pharmacists in the family. The farm is currently run by the Father-Daughter team of Nicolo and Antonella Titone, who is also chemist.
The oil is produced from a scientific approach and the farm is pristine and well run. The olives are handpicked with care to protect fruit as well as the tree for future harvests. The fruit is crushed within a few hours after picking and milled in their on site, high-tech, continuous mill. The family is extremely passionate about producing the best oil they can in the safest, cleanest way possible. One of the leaders in the area to focus on organic farming.
It is a winner of many awards like these most recently:
2014: Titone has been granted the EXTRAGOLD award at Biol2014.
Flos Olei 2014. Ercole Olivario, 2nd Place Medium Fruity.
NYIOOC: Silver, Medium.
I love to use this oil in my kitchen!
The oil is a Medium intense oil. The colour is deep golden yellow colour with green hi-lights. 
  • The aroma is of fresh green olives, fresh grass and aromatic herbs.
  • The flavour is of artichokes, thistle, unripe tomato and herbs like mint and sage. This is a complex, elegant oil that is perfectly harmonious and balanced with pleasant levels of bitterness and peppery pungency to finsh. The bitterness and pungency levels are an indication of high levels of polyphenols a natural anti-oxidant in good olive oils.  
  • This oil compliments most grilled vegetables, a drizzle to finish vegetable or cream soups, great on grilled meats or hearty fish like tuna,  porcini mushrooms, spinach salads, bean soups, pasta with sausages and barbequed lamb.

    Here are some of our recipes from using Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Don't forget one of the best ways to enjoy this oil is to toast some crusty bread, rub a clove of garlic across the bread, drizzle some Titone and finish with a tiny sprinkle of sea salt!! HEAVEN.

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