Spotlight on...Cetrone Extra Virgin Olive Oils December 08 2014



Cetrone Extra Virgin Olive Oils are produced by the*Azienda Agricola Cetrone.

The Cetrone Farm is located near Sonnino in the province of Latina amid the Lepine Mountains. The farm in the Lazio Region of Italy is 500 metres above sea level where they grow 20,000 ancient olive  trees  mixed in with almond trees, on over 100 acres of land. The olive trees are the monocultivar Itrana and have lovingly been cared for by the previous generations of the Cetrone family who have farmed here since 1860.

Today they are entrusted to Alfredo Cetrone who masterfully creates beautiful, elegant extra virgin olive oils. The sea air, the stony soil, the altitude of the location and the careful handling and artful milling which happens within hours of harvesting creates the quality of all Cetrone`s olive oils and makes Alfredo the King of Itrana!


Cetrone is the winner of numerous awards, for all of their oils, in competitions worldwide for quality and taste.



Two of Cetrone`s offerings are the Delicato and the Intenso Extra Virgin oils.





The Cetrone – Delicato

  • This is a light-medium oil.
  • 100% monocultivar Itrana olives.
  • The colour is light green.
  • The aroma is fresh olive with gentle herbal notes .
  • There is a certain level of pleasant intensity but it is less intense than the INTENSO with fruity hints of medium ripe tomatoes, almonds, unripe banana along with fragrant notes of aromatics herbs, such sage and mint.
  • The taste is a pleasant fruity balanced blend of both bitterness and peppery pungency. This oil  always has low acidity levels and is high in polyphenols which are natural antioxidants found in exceptional olive oils. Don`t be afraid of the pungency levels in great oils, if it makes you cough it means it is great quality with high polyphenol levels!
  • An elegant and well - structured oil.


  • Excellent in salads, delicate creamed soups, grilled or raw fish, grilled, steamed or raw vegetables, soft cheeses, and vanilla ice cream.


The Cetrone – Intenso

  • This is an Intense - fruity oil.
  • 100% monocultivar Itrana olives.
  • The colour is green with warm golden hues.
  • The aroma is intense with fruity hints of medium ripe tomato, white apple and lots of herbal notes.
  • The taste is intense and well-defined with rich fruity tastes of artichoke, cardoons (aka an artichoke thistle) tomato, celery, sage and mint. It is strong, with a very pleasant combination of bitterness and a peppery pungency to finish. Again, the pungency finish notes the high levels of polyphenols which are a natural antioxidant.


  • Excellent on all salads, raw or cooked artichokes, grilled vegetables, beef carpaccio, grilled tuna or swordfish and good with ceviche, grilled meats, hearty vegetable soups or soft cheeses like fresh burrata.


*Azienda Agricola means Agriculture Farm Business in Italian.