Spotlight on...Frantoio Di Riva Del Garda January 12 2015

The Frantoio Riva Del Garda (or The Riva Del Garda Press) is one part of the much larger Riva Del Garda Agraria (or Farmer's Cooperative) which dates back since 1882. The Agraria produces local gastronomic delights like: wine, olive oils, salumi, cheeses, preserved fruits, jams, honey and vegetable preserves. They also provide training and teaching for the area.

Ancient Romans brought the first olive trees to the Upper Lake Garda Region over 2000 years ago. This area is one of the most northern regions producing olive oil in Italy.

The Mountain ranges to the North protect the area from cold and the moderating effect of the lake produces a microclimate that is an almost Mediterranean climate in the Alps.

The main olives grown in this area are Casaliva and Frantoio but, there is also some Leccino, Pendolino, Raza, Trapp and Favarol varieties grown as well.

The Frantoio Riva Del Garda was one of the first producers in the area with a DOP (or Designation of Origin) with Garda Trentino Certification and in 2008 they were certified organic.

The olives are handpicked and pressed in the ultra modern processing facilities to produce some fantastic award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

46 Parallelo Blue - is named because the farm is located precisely at the 46th parallel. The oil is a medium intense, fruity, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The aromas are of artichokes, fresh green grass, unripe almonds, pine nuts and green apples. The taste is harmonic with a slight bitter start and a distinct pungency to finish, which is a good indicator of an oil with high polyphenol levels,  the olive's natural anti-oxidants.

Perfect with hearty dishes like lentils, beans, meat courses like carpaccio, grilled vegetables, pasta with meat or peppery greens like arugula.


Uliva - is their latest "baby" and is also mainly produced from Casaliva olives, but this oil was created for the gourmet consumer. This oil is made from a small production of olives that are picked early in the season to produce a fresh, crisp, grassy taste that is already winning awards.

This is a medium-light intense oil with the aromas of fresh artichokes, thistle, lettuce and some mint and rosemary. The taste is of green vegetables, black pepper and fresh green almonds. There is a pleasant level of bitterness and a nice smooth level of pungency to finish.

Perfect with grilled tuna or swordfish, porcini mushrooms, grilled meats and meat sauce.

Don't you want to try some?