Maple Cutting Board #3


This is a Maple Wood cutting board from British Columbia wood that has been dried for years. This wood has been sanded and rubbed with Organic Coconut oil and mineral oil to bring out it's natural lustre and shine. All boards have natural knicks, live edges and/or imperfections due to the nature of wood. We have tried to hi-light the beauty of nature's gift.


This board is 13 inches x 7 inches x 1 inch thick. It has some natural imperfections and beautiful grains.


  • maintain wooden boards by washing with a soapy cloth and by using a sprinkle of salt or baking soda and rubbing with a half a lemon to keep them smelling fresh.
  • you can maintain with a food grade mineral oil (found in the pharmacy) or any natural oil will not to go rancid over time. Do not use vegetable cooking oils because they will go rancid over time.
  • These boards can be used for a lifetime and can easily be sanded at any time to refresh the wood.
  • I rub on a bit of mineral oil one a month or whenever they look dry. You can also follow up with a bit of beeswax to seal it but, it is not necessary.
  • easy on your precious knives
  • NEVER place a wooden cutting board in a dishwasher or soak in water to avoid warping or damage.

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