Titone - Organic


  • Titone is an extra virgin olive oil from Antonella and Nicolo Titone at the Azienda Biologica Titone which is located near Trapani on the west coat of Sicily, Italy.
  • This is a family of chemists and pharmacists for several generations that have produced extraordinary quality levels in milling.
  • The farm is certified organic and located 15 metres above sea level in between Trapani and Marsala.
  • Titone Organic -certified biologico or organic. The oil is also a D.O.P which means the oil is certified to be made from olives grown in the Trapanni region of Sicily.
  • It is a beautiful blend of Nocellara, Biancolilla and Cerasuola olives.
  • Grown, picked and crushed at the Azienda Agricola Biologica Titone immediately after harvesting.
  • Olives are harvested just as they start to turn black starting in October, they are hand picked and trees are treated with care and respect to ensure greater health year after year.
  • The oil is a deep golden yellow with green hi-lights. 
  • The aroma is of fresh green olives, fresh grass and aromatic herbs.
  • This is a Medium, fruity olive oil.
  • The flavour is of artichokes, thistle, unripe tomato and herbs like mint and sage. This is a complex, elegant oil that is perfectly harmonious and balanced with pleasant levels of bitterness and peppery pungency to finsh. The bitterness and pungency levels are an indication of high levels of polyphenols a natural anti-oxidant in good olive oils.  
  • This oil compliments most grilled vegetables, a drizzle to finish vegetable or cream soups, great on grilled meats or hearty fish like tuna,  porcini mushrooms, spinach salads, bean soups, pasta with sausages and barbequed lamb.
  • 500 ml bottle
  • see our spotlight on...Titone for more information on the oil, the producer and recipes!

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